Mobile Applications

We’ll prepare complete solutions from analysis, drafts, creation to deployment according to your idea and requirement.
We can offer consultations and direct to create applications suited for you.
We develop applications fort these mobile platforms:

Web applications

We prepare web applications according to your desires from scratch or as a expand your existing solutions. We can adjust to the present states without discarding existing parts. We will connect your applications with other systems according to your preferences.
We can prepare you applications in:
ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, JSP, JSF, pure CGI, perl, …

We can work with your data in these DB:
MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, FirebirdSQL, Oracle, …

We will prepare and link together your data in REST and SOAP web services.

Desktop Applications

If you need desktop applications for:
native Windows C#, C++,
native Linux Qt, GTK,
native iOS,
multiplatform in Java,
Chrome applications??
We can help with that.

We develop applications for these platforms:

SAP programing

We offer development for SAP in these fields:
– ABAP development
– Web dynpro ABAP
– Web dynpro Java
– Adobe interactive forms
– web services for integrated SAP with information systems